Winnipegger falls just short on Britain’s Got Talent

Global News

WINNIPEG – Canadian magician Darcy Oake survived his death-defying performance on the finale of Britain’s Got Talent, but couldn’t pull off the ultimate trick of getting the most votes to win the T-V talent contest.

The 26-year-old from Winnipeg hung upside-down and wriggled free from a straight-jacket, right before a hinged trap with spikes that threatened to impale him closed shut.

The routine was called “The Jaws of Death.” It wowed the live audience and the judges, but the British public voted by phone for a musical theatre group called Collabro to win.

Oake ended up in fifth place.

After completing the stunt, Oake tweeted that win or lose, it was the most amazing experience of his life.

Oake debuted on the variety show with a dazzling display of slight-of-hand tricks with doves, which prompted even notoriously blunt judge Simon Cowell to call him the best magician to ever appear on the show.

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