Cigarette causes thousands in damage to Kelowna pro shop

Global News

KELOWNA — An early morning fire in Kelowna torched the outside of the pro shop at Michaelbrook Ranch Golf Club.

Crews got the call just after 3 a.m.

Fire investigators were on scene Saturday morning investigating.

They believe the cause was a carelessly discarded cigarette.

“It appears the area of origin was a flower pot,” said Russ Van de Sype,  fire investigator,  “someone perhaps leaving pub on site butted a cigarette in the pot. It smoldered away and carried on climbing up the cedar siding.”

And it was a costly careless mistake,  causing $60,000 in damage mainly to the outside of the building and some merchandise inside.

Sprinklers did go off inside the pro shop but they weren’t enough to fight off the flames.

Fire officials are warning you to be careful when getting rid of cigarettes as they are one of the leading causes of accidental fires.

The course was…

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