Heads up! New meteor shower could light up the sky over Canada May 24

Global News

TORONTO – In the wee hours of May 24, Canada may be treated to a view of a new meteor shower.

Meteors are small pieces of space dust and debris that burn up about 80 to 120 km above us in Earth’s atmosphere. Meteor showers — of which there are several major ones almost every month — are caused when Earth plows through debris left over from a passing comet.

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This year, Earth is expected to pass through the debris from Comet 209/P LINEAR, discovered in 2004, and it could put on quite a show.

Esko Lyytinen of Finland and Peter Jenniskens at NASA Ames Research Center were the first to announce that we could be in for a meteor shower in May 2014.

While early estimates pegged the rate of meteors per hour to be close to 1000, which…

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