The Adam Jones Show: Sean Deveney On NBA Playoffs, Draft Expectations

CBS Boston

Sean Deveney of The Sporting News joined Rich Keefe to discuss all things NBA playoffs and the quality of the upcoming NBA Draft class.

The first topic was the mess that is the Indiana Pacers right now. Believed to be a real contender, the Pacers are now struggling to get past the Atlanta Hawks.

“It is really hard to explain because this is a team that was 46-13 at the end of March, finished up 10-13 and now in the playoffs you thought maybe they could get it together, maybe playing Atlanta — a 38-win team — was going to be just the right medicine for them,” Deveney said. “That hasn’t worked. Credit Atlanta, they’ve played pretty well, but mostly this has been about some of the problems that have developed over time with that Pacers locker room. It seems to have boiled over into how they’re playing on the…

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