Pregnancy vs the Flu Shot

Global News

For years pregnant women have shied away from the dreaded flu vaccine. Myths that it would make them sick or negatively affect the baby, were never questioned or even researched. Five years ago, medical specialists took another look at the flu vaccine and its effects on pregnant women.

The findings were rather interesting.

“Pregnant women are more likely than their healthy counterparts to be hospitalized for flu because they just don’t have as good respiratory functions in the later stages of pregnancy,” Dr. Allison McGeer, a microbiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto said. “If you get vaccinated when you’re pregnant the antibodies that you make goes through the placenta and protects your baby.”

“If you get vaccinated when you are pregnant your baby is less likely to born prematurely,” she added.

The flu is also a very common cause for hospitalization of infants up to six months old because…

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