Paramedic union says more ambulances needed

Global News

Paramedics say the solution to long response times to medical emergencies isn’t more codes, but more funding.

Cameron Eby, provincial executive with the Ambulance Paramedics of B.C. union, criticized the new Resource Allocation Plan has sees some medical emergencies downgraded from Code 3 to Code 2.

“More resources is the answer,” he said on Unfiltered with Jill Krop.

“Paramedics have known for well over a decade that response times are suffering. We’ve got an aging population as well an exploding population, and resources hasn’t been increased to meet demands.”

MORE: New ambulance response protocols raise concern

Fire chiefs and politicians across the province have criticized the new program, which BC Emergency Health Services says has improved the average response time for the most critical calls by 29 seconds on average.

“The whole concept is getting the appropriate service in the appropriate time to the person with needs,” says Wynne Powell…

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