Mother of two with rare cancer gets an incredible gift of more time

Global News

VANCOUVER – Kendra Wiberg is now regaining her strength after four rounds of extremely difficult chemo.

The hope was to slow down the rampant growth of tumours riddling her body.

“It was better than we expected,” she said. “The tumour markers were actually slowly going down, which is completely amazing and they’re completely within the normal range.”

At just 37-years-old, Kendra was diagnosed with a rare and fatal form of cancer.

In 2001, she had a very rare form of ovarian cancer, which was treated and cured. But in fall 2013, she was diagnosed with two types of unrelated cancers, rare appendix cancer and kidney cancer.

We first told you about Kendra because she had decided to create legacy boxes for her two daughters; something to remember her by when she is gone.

But now, thanks to the treatment, the family has more time together and they are not…

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