Homicide study sheds light on Edmonton murders

Global News

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) hopes a new study, which sheds light on homicides in the city, will help prevent future violence.

An Edmonton psychologist examined the characteristics surrounding 124 concluded homicide cases that occurred between 2007 and 2012.

Dr. Sandy Jung, an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at MacEwan University, probed several aspects including the time of day, location, relationships between victim and offenders, and the type of weapon used.

One of the findings that stood out to police was that in 57 per cent of the homicides studied, a knife — or “edged weapon” — was used. The next most commonly used weapon was a handgun, which was used in 25 per cent of the homicides.

Findings on Dr. Sandy Jung's research into Edmonton homicides. Findings on Dr. Sandy Jung’s research into Edmonton homicides.

Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht says it’s very hard to determine why knives are used in the majority of homicides.


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