With iOS 8, Siri Might Be Able To Name That Tune Shazam-style


Quick! That catchy new track is playing over the gym’s loudspeaker, and you’ve been meaning to figure out its name for days.

Grab an Android phone. Say, “Okay, Google — What song is this?”

Within a few seconds, it’ll spit out an answer. (plus a link to buy the song, if you’re so inclined.)

But what if you grab an iPhone, instead? You bring up Siri, and say “Siri, what song is this?”

Maybe she’ll just sit there. Maybe she’ll crack a witty one-liner. Either way, she won’t have any idea what song is playing.

According to the latest iOS 8 rumors, Apple wants to fix that.

Citing the ever-insightful “people with knowledge”, Bloomberg reports that Apple is working with Shazam on a music fingerprinting/identification feature that’ll be tied into Siri right alongside your appointment reminders and sport score updates.

So what’s in it for Shazam? Amongst other things …

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