Union Offers A Professional Image Blending Tool That’s Actually Easy To Use


The team at Pixite, known for making high-quality photo applications for iOS, including things like Unbound, FragmentTangent (an “App Store Best” in 2013), and more, is now revealing its latest creation: a photo-blending application called Union. The app lets you easily combine photos to make superimposed, silhouetted and double image exposures, as well as remove backgrounds, blend foreground and background images together, and more.

Explains one of Pixite’s creators Eugene Kaneko, the team basically started from scratch to create this app – “the best experience for combining two images in awesome ways.”

union_iphone_eThe company, which also includes Scott Sykora, Ben Guerrette, and Rich Chang, had wanted to add masking photos to its other photo editing apps, like Tangent and Fragment, but realized that doing so would make those apps too complex. That’s how they came up with Union.

In addition to offering the photo combination and…

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