Three Decades of Rumbling: Tim Catz from SEKA, DJ Juanita of WBCN, Twin Berlin

100.7 WZLX

We celebrate the legacy of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble!

Tim Catz – 5 time Rumble participant!

Rumble appearances: SEKA (1991 champions!), Roadsaw (1996), Honeyglazed (made it to SemiFinals in 1999), Antler (2005), White Dynomite (made it to Semis 2013).

Fave experiences: Winning it all in 1991 was amazing. Day after Finals, Howie Klein, of Sire/Warner Bros and a Finals judge, offered us a record deal. What followed was a crazy couple years. To all those who talk of a Rumble “curse,”  you know not of what you speak.
And believe it or not, my fave Rumble performance was last year. The infamous feather pillow explosion during White Dynomite’s last song, the crowd literally erupted before my eyes in a frenzy of thrown beer and billowing goose down certainly put us over the top that night! Just goes to show the old guys can still bring the rock.
2013's feather pillow incident. Photo by Johnny Anguish, Daykamp Creative
Remnants of 2013’s feather pillow incident. Photo by Johnny Anguish…

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