Speed rating key when purchasing new set of tires: experts

Global News

EDMONTON – This is the time of year when many drivers will switch back to their summer tires, or be in the market for new tires. But do you know which letter, or tire speed rating, your tires should have, based on the vehicle you drive? It turns out, many consumers don’t.

“It’s a huge safety message,” said Alan Sidorov, a race car driver who also runs an advanced driving school. “There’s so little that’s known about tires, about cars, about driving. A lot of it is mythology, black magic, mumbo-jumbo.”

Tire speed ratings range from A to Y — Y being the highest. Speed ratings make a difference in a vehicle’s cornering ability, comfort, wear, and braking distance.

“Or more specifically, how well the tread stays stable under stress,” Sidorov explained. “To me, if a tire can stop my vehicle 15 metres faster from say, 100 kilometres an hour, that’s…

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