Photojojo Gets Into Camera Gear Rentals (But Not Just For Fancy Lenses)


Photodojo began as a newsletter for photography enthusiasts to share their latest tricks. Over time, it’s evolved into a popular storefront for photo geeks, selling unique but oh-so-useful photography accessories.

Now they’re trying something new: camera and gadget rentals… but probably not like anything you’ve seen before.

Whereas sites like LensRentals and BorrowLenses make it easy to have a quick run with some mega lens you’d otherwise never buy for yourself, Photojojo wants to rent out all sorts of crazy gear beyond the standard camera body/lens type of stuff.

Some examples of what they’re planning to offer:

  • Photography drones
  • Ultra high-speed cameras, like the $6,000, 18,000 frames-per-second Edgertronic
  • Vintage Polaroid cameras, along with the required hard-to-find film
  • Custom built photobooths, for things like GIF photobooths
  • Time lapse cameras
  • 3d Cameras
  • Large format cameras
  • Rare or as-of-yet-unreleased Kickstarter photography projects
  • Google Glass headsets
  • Lifelogging cameras

If it’s the sort of…

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