MIT’s FingerReader Helps The Blind Read With A Swipe Of A Digit


At MIT’s Media Labs, researchers Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber and others are working on the “FingerReader,” a ring-like device that straps itself around your finger and reads printed text out loud with a synthesized voice, thanks to a mounted camera and heavily modified open source software.

The FingerReader’s voice is clipped and metallic – what one might liken to a Berlitz tape speaking through clenched teeth – but it is something the Finger Reader team is aware of and is working on, amongst many other things. The device itself is plasticine and upon first-hand inspection, weighs no more than a regular ring. To hear the words read aloud, simply point your finger at the text you wish to read. It’s possible thanks to a small camera mounted on the ring.

It doesn’t work with text as small as, say, on a medicine bottle or baseball box scores, but it can read…

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