Hack Siri To Control Spotify, A Nest, A Tesla, And Give Directions Through Google Maps


A team of University of Pennsylvania freshmen have turned Siri into the useful companion she was always meant to be. Their creation, GoogolPlex, routes Siri commands through a proxy, allowing their system to add custom commands.

Ever want Siri to play a certain Spotify song on demand? Or control a Nest Thermostat? Or unlock your Tesla? GoogolPlex can do all of that.

Enabling GoogolPlex is a trivial task involving adding a proxy to an iPhone’s WIFI settings. The instructions are here and take about three minutes. Once added, a user needs to set up an account with GoogolPlex using Siri. Simply say “GoogolPlex, turn up the heat.” This will cause Siri to open Safari, throw a warning (select continue) and load the GoogolPlex login screen. Follow the prompts. That’s it. Siri is now useful.

GoogolPlex brings the promise of Siri to fruition. As Engadget points, it’s a bit…

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