Despite some funding, a diagnosis of autism is a huge financial burden

Global News

VANCOUVER – The provincial government provides $22,000 a year for children with autism, up until the age of six. Beyond that, families can apply for only $6,000 of funding a year and it’s up to the families to coordinate their own treatment programs.

However, the biggest issue for many is the financial burden a diagnosis of autism can place on a family.

The Gold Standard in treatment for autism is called ‘ABA – Applied Behaviour Analysis’. ABA uses various techniques to enforce positive behaviours, reducing those behavious that are harmful or disruptive.

It is essentially a lot of repetition.

The key is early and intense therapy, up to 40 hours a week, but this is very costly. The $22,000 from the government usually does not pay for half of a full program.

“I hardly know any parents that have both parents working,” said Jackie Vuilleumier, whose son has autism. “Unless…

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