Yahoo’s Shopping Spree Is Slowing Down, It Used A Net $22M For Acquisitions In Q1


Yahoo’s acquisition train looks like it may finally have slowed down, at least in terms of value if not numbers. Yahoo noted in its Q1 2014 earnings today that it used a net $22 million for acquisitions in the three months that ended March 31, covering eight companies.

The tide could turn, however, post an IPO of Alibaba, which is expected to help Yahoo balloon its cash holdings to $12 billion from a current $4.6 billion.

Sequentially, the $22 million net spent in the last quarter is just over a third of the net amount Yahoo said it spent on acquisitions in the quarter before that, when it spent $60 million, also to acquire eight companies, and just 13% of the net value it spent in Q3 of 2013:

  • In Q4 Yahoo spent a net $60 million.
  • In Q3 it spent a net $163 million.
  • In Q2 it spent $1 billion in cash for acquisitions…

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