Winter? Thought We Left You In March…

CBS Boston

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When you got home from work last night, it was around 60º. This morning? 20s and low 30s. Snow on the ground in some communities. Icy spots where the incoming cold froze up yesterday’s rain. And highs will barely get above 40º today. Uplifting? Perhaps not, unless you are a SERIOUS fan of winter! The mild start to April is about to get balanced out in a big way by a cold stretch of weather.


This front has brought a flurry (no pun intended) of record lows across the central/eastern U.S., helped some cities like Detroit reach their snowiest season ever recorded, and potentially will cause damage to vegetation across the Southeast. Temperatures there have been warm enough to allow the region to bloom, so subfreezing air this time of year can be a big concern. There’s a massive area of Freeze Warnings…

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