WATCH: Kids react to seeing a Walkman for the first time

Global News

Latest way to feel old: Watch kids under age 13 puzzle over a Walkman.

“Oh, a phone! Oh. What is this thing?”

“You’ve gotta be kidding.”

Some of the kids mistook the Walkman for a “Walkie-Talkie.” Only one correctly identified it as a cassette player.

The kids are astonished at how much effort is needed just to listen to music from the device.

“I feel so lazy saying this,” one child says, “but, you actually have to do stuff!”

The video, filmed and produced by Fine Bros, is part of a YouTube series showing young kids reacting to technology that seems hopelessly outdated now.

It may be no surprise kids who’ve grown up in a smartphone era have little to no knowledge about the Walkman, first launched June 22, 1979. 

The 16-month-old baby shown here swiping an iPad with ease probably wouldn’t know what to do with a landline telephone.

“Today’s children are literally surrounded…

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