University of Calgary offers support for students traumatized by stabbing

Global News

Staff members at the Student Union Wellness Centre are anticipating an increase in demand after a horrific stabbing Tuesday morning.

The facility is already busy because of final exams but now it will be responding to anyone looking for support following the death of five students at a Brentwood party.

Some of the victims were U of C students and one attended classes at the Alberta Academy of Art and Design.

The Distress Centre operates a 24 hour support hotline for anyone that wants to talk and there will be additional services available for people under the age of 24.

The Centre’s director Debbie Bruckner, says counselors have been fielding calls from anxious parents and students.

“Really quickly we’ve created a space for anyone to walk in,” she says. “We’ve got nurses, psychologists, social workers, chaplains who are available at any time.”

ConnecTeen also provides counseling every night between 5…

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