Toronto’s vanishing grow-ops fall victim to pot economics

Global News

Toronto police are busting fewer grow-ops – down about two-thirds since 2010: That year, police found 245 marijuana grow houses, compared to just 87 last year.

And defence lawyer Peter Zaduk links the change to pot prices in the United States falling “very drastically,” which over the past few years has wrecked Canada’s marijuana exports.

Meantime, Canada’s losing its technological advantage.

“It used to be that Canada was far ahead of the United States in terms of our hydroponic marijuana industry, and much of the Canadian product was exported to the United States. But in the last five years, production methods from Canada have been copied in the United States, so they now have a very much greater domestic marijuana industry.”

It’s having a serious impact on Zaduk’s business.

“I used to have half my practice in marijuana production cases, and now I might have three or four of them…

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