Toronto’s executive committee to consider pay raises next week

Global News

TORONTO – Toronto city council could be voting themselves a major pay raise if a new remuneration staff report is approved next week.

The report to be presented at the executive committee April 23 is recommending two options which would hike the salaries of city councillors and the mayor effective Jan. 1, 2015.

The first would be to allow a 12.9 per cent pay increase to councillors from the current $105,397 to $119,025. The mayor’s salary would also jump $12.7 per cent from $177,499 to $200,013.

A consulting study completed in March compared Toronto’s city councillors’ pay to those in other regions.

Peel Region councillors earn a combined $133,078 while those in Markham get $122,908.

The Toronto staff reports says the remuneration by-law “sets the benchmark for Councillors and the Mayor’s compensation at the 75th percentile of the comparator group.”

Councillors are now at the 37th percentile and the Mayor…

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