Theorem Has Created A New Way To Buy And Sell Online


You might think that haggling or negotiating is something that died out a century ago, or that happens today only in bustling outdoor markets and bazaars. But if you think about it, you haggle in your head all the time. You look at a shirt online and say to yourself, “Hrm, that’s a good deal” or “Nope, too much.” If something you like is too pricy, you wait it out — until the retailer comes back with a coupon, or discounts it to a better price.

A new startup called Theorem wants to bring that conversation back out into the open.

Theorem is an e-commerce company that has created a system for merchants to negotiate prices on items and sell them to consumers. At its launch today, the company’s focus is on locally-made apparel and accessories.

The idea, Theorem’s co-founder Ryan Jackson told me, is that many of the best…

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