Superb For iPhone Aims To Take Social Networking To The Offline World


Superb , a new application from the founders of Y Combinator-backed social dining startup Grubwithus , is launching today to people to connect in the offline world. Essentially a “Hot or Not” for local places, users swipe through a list of venue suggestions, including restaurants, bars, museums, parks, and more, registering their interest. Afterwards, they can see who among their friends, friends of friends and beyond also want to go to the same places and can then coordinate an outing.

The idea, explains Grubwithus, now Superb, co-founder Eddy Lu, is not all that different from the goal with the company’s earlier startup, which officially closed up shop at the end of last year. (The company has “years of runway” left thanks to an earlier $7.5 million round of funding, he says.)

To Do screenshotGrubwithus had aimed to send groups of friends and strangers to a new restaurant together by giving the merchant guaranteed business…

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