Stink bugs in Ontario: How to recognize them and what to do if you find one

Global News

Watch video above: Stink bugs could weak havoc on Ontario produce. Laura Zilke reports. 

TORONTO – The agricultural branch of the Ontario government is on the lookout for a small, 18-millimetre long bug that stinks like rotten coriander.

The brown marmorated stink bug originates from the Beijing area of China and is believed to have immigrated to North America in the mid-1990s.

The small insects can wreak havoc on plants and crops like tree fruit, grapes, sweet corn, tomatoes, soy beans or peppers.

“So those are crops that are really of high value in Ontario,” Hannah Fraser, a program lead with the Ministry of Agriculture said in an interview Tuesday. “Those crops are valued at over $450 million at the farm gate. So there’s a big potential loss to growers from direct damage from the pest.”

Fraser noted the slightest damage on many Ontario crops can keep them from being…

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