Saskatoon companies fined for workplace safety violations

Global News

SASKATOON – Two Saskatoon construction companies were fined in provincial court for failing to keep an eye on workers.

Graham Construction and Engineering Inc. pleaded guilty to one count under occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation on March 24 and was fined $3,500.

In October 2010, an anonymous complaint led an OHS officer to a trench project, being undertaken by Graham, near the University of Saskatchewan veterinary college.

A portion of the trench had collapsed.

The Saskatoon company was charged for failing to ensure that all work at a place of employment was sufficiently and competently supervised.

Another charge was stayed.

In a separate matter, Baschuk Construction Ltd. pleaded guilty to two charges on April 2 and was fined $14,000.

The Saskatoon company was charged after a worker became entangled in the drive shaft of a conveyor near Osler, Saskatchewan in November 2012.

He was seriously injured.

The company pleaded…

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