Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Can Be Tricked By The Same Lifted Fingerprint Hack As The iPhone 5S


Remember back in September when a couple of researchers figured out how to bypass the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint lock with a fancy fake rubber finger?

Turns out, the fingerprint sensor on Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 falls victim to the very same trick. They didn’t even have to make a new mold.

Germany’s SRLabs released the video above this morning demonstrating the trick. They first train the phone to recognize their finger, then immediately test the sensor with a rubber stand-in. Sure enough, they get right in.

To be clear, this is not an easy trick to pull off. You need a fair amount of time and expertise, both in lifting the original fingerprint and in creating a rubber mold from it. It’s something to be aware of — but as others have said: if someone is going so far as to make fake replicas of your finger, you…

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