CBS Boston

Wasn’t that fun!  If you were up early you witnessed a wild scene this morning…heavy rain flipped to heavy sleet and then nearly white-out conditions as a dynamic system barreled through the State.  Logan Airport officially measured 0.3″.  While snow in April is rare, it’s not unheard of, in fact today’s snow wasn’t even the record snowfall for the day…Logan picked 1.0″ back in 1992.  For those that are wondering, the latest measurable snowfall ever in Boston was 0.5″ on May 10th, 1977…the way things have been going if that record were to fall this would be the year!

Now that the snow is gone we will see a dry and mainly sunny stretch for the remainder of the work week.  The only problem is that temps are back in the basement and highs and lows will be about 10 degrees below average until the weekend.  Speaking of lows…if you have…

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