Police search for ‘Pleather Bandit,’ 3 others as bank robberies spike

Global News

TORONTO – Police are looking for “The Pleather Bandit,” “The Man in Black,” “The Boxcutter Bandit” and “The Mummy Bandit” – four men accused of carrying out 10 separate robberies stretching back to last October.

They’re not working together police said, but are together responsible for 10 of the 23 unsolved robberies in Toronto thus far in 2014.

Police said it’s difficult to profile bank robbers as they stretch the gamut of criminals, from repeat offenders to educated young people struggling to pay the bills.

“These individuals that we’re seeing here could be well-known to law enforcement in other jurisdictions or they could be somebody’s neighbour,” Toronto Police Staff Inspector Mike Earl said at a press conference Tuesday morning. “It could be your neighbour, it could be your relative, or it could be the worst possible offender.”

The Pleather Bandit hit a Bank of Montreal near King Street and Dufferin…

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