Oroeco Tracks Spending To Help Reduce Users’ Carbon Footprint


I’m the kind of person who cares about their environmental impact … but aside from basics like recycling, my ideas about how to do better get kind of fuzzy. That’s why a new service called Oroeco is pretty appealing.

Since its successful Indiegogo campaign in 2012, Oroeoc tested out an invite-only version of the service and then quietly opened up the website before publicly launching today.

There are other sites like GoodGuide that help users find environmentally friendly (and ethical, and healthy) products, but Oroeco’s approach is closer to Intuit-acquired personal finance site Mint.com — it’s less focused on helping you buy the right products and more on influencing your general spending habits. (Both GoodGuide and Mint launched at TechCrunch conferences.)

In fact, Oroeco integrates with Mint.com, pulling your spending information from the site and using it to estimate your carbon footprint. Apparently these projections are based on data from…

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