Me-Mover Step-Powered Stand-Up Bike Gets Funded On Kickstarter


Move over Segway, there’s a new stand-up personal transporter in town. Or there will be come August when the first machines are scheduled to ship to Kickstarter backers.

More than 200 users of the crowdfunding website have pledged funds to Me-Mover, a Danish project to rethink the bike as a stand-up exerciser on wheels. The project has stepped well past its initial $100,000 funding target. At the time of writing, Me-Mover is approaching $170,000 in pledged funds, with another 12 days left of its campaign to run.

What’s the point of a stand-up stepper on wheels? Me-Mover’s makers argue that standing while biking — or stepping — means you get better posture and visibility of and in traffic, making the Me-Mover a safer way to wrangle with all the four-wheeled machines on the road.

The Me-Mover has three wheels, so there’s also no requirement to step off the machine when stationary. You just stand around…

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