Mashfeed Lets You Discover Better Content On Social Networks


At first I didn’t understand the point of Mashfeed because there are already plenty of social media aggregation platforms. Plus, many people crosspost the same content to different sites, rendering aggregators redundant. Then I realized I was using the new iOS app wrong.

Like Colorbay, a photo discovery app that I reviewed last week, Mashfeed isn’t just about finding new content. It also lets you organize posts in a better way than most social networks currently allow.

On Mashfeed, you create public or private channels (called mashfeeds) that let you add specific users, pages, or hashtags on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also subscribe to channels made by existing users or Mashfeed and trending topics (which currently include Coachella Fashion and Ryan Gosling memes).

The app’s creator, Adam Mashaal of New York-based startup Pressto, plans to add support for Twitter and other popular social networks. Pressto’s other products include Presstomatic

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