Justin Bieber vs. Richard Sherman: The Great American Cultural Hypocrisy – See more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/justin-bieber-vs-richard-sherman-the-great-american-cultural-hypocrisy/#sthash.6sWQUjG5.dpuf

The Black Conversation

An interesting thing happened today – Justin Bieber was arrested for allegedly driving while drunk, driving with an expired license, drag racing and resisting arrest.

Oh, and he’s only 19-years-old which, as most of you know, is below the legal age to drink alcohol.  Not to mention that according to police reports he admitted to smoking marijuana (in a state where it’s illegal) and taking prescription drugs.

Funny though, I don’t see many national news outlets calling him a “thug” or a “gangster” like they did with Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman following his emotional interview (and admittedly less than ideal behavior) after the Seahawks win over the 49ers this past Sunday.

I even searched for the arrest story to sift through some of the comments people had left.  While most weren’t flattering, I didn’t see people say things like “typical behavior” or calling him a “thug” or a…

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