Here’s Sports Illustrated’s ‘Boston Strong’ Cover Photo

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3,000 Bostonians who wouldn’t know a barbell from a barback can now say they’ve made the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Courtesy Sports Illustrated Courtesy Sports Illustrated

But in all seriousness, it was a great gesture by SI to pay tribute to the city of Boston one year after the Marathon bombings by showing regular citizens, and how strong we remain a year later. And this cover does include some real athletes, like several runners from last year’s Marathon.

This week’s issue includes a feature story by S.L. Price about the city’s recovery, and an article written by…David Ortiz??? Seriously, Big Papi is a published writer now. According to SI’s article about the cover, Ortiz’s piece contains this quote:

“If I had to make a speech this year on Patriots’ Day, I’d say, ‘God continue to bless America.’ Because even though it began with so much pain and tragedy, the last 12…

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