Gresh & Zo: Shaughnessy Not Surprised By Sox Slow Start

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) –  The Red Sox will take on the Chicago White Sox tonight in Chicago for their 14th game of the season.  While the Red Sox have gotten off to a slow start (5-8), panic hasn’t ensued for Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, who predicted the squad would get off to a slow start.

Shaughnessy joined Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak on Tuesday to discuss the Red Sox, specifically the slow start by the team.

“This start is somewhat predictable,” Shaughnessy said. “As I keep reminding everybody, they weren’t that good last year. They weren’t this dominant team that just steamrolled everybody. They were really good, they won 97, everything came together, they got super hot at the end.”

Injuries to Dustin Pedroia, Koji Uehara and Shane Victorino are hurting the Red Sox right now, but Shaughnessy sees it as a test of depth, something the Red Sox don’t…

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