Family dog summoned to jury duty

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TORONTO – A German Shepherd in New Jersey[tweetable text=”Family dog summoned to jury duty “] has been summoned to jury duty, according to her owner[/tweetable].

The five-year-old dog’s owner Barrett Griner said he received a juror summons last week for someone with the first name IV and last name Griner.

According to the owner, that is the name legally given by him to his pet.

“She’s a female, so I named her ‘IV’ without the ‘Y’ as sort of a play on words,” said Griner in an interview. “Somebody had to physically type in that name and they didn’t pay any bit of attention to it.”

“Nobody in my house is named IV except the German Shepherd.”

Griner said he soon realized the possible reason behind the confusion. The dog’s name, IV Griner, is a play on his own name, Barrett Griner the fourth, which he writes using Roman numerals.

“I just still wasn’t sure if the jury duty notice…

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