Facebook Will Be “Unbundling The Big Blue App” Through Its Creative Labs


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sat down with The New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo to discuss Facebook and its future, and much of the discussion centered on Creative Labs, the new internal initiative at Facebook that’s playing more with products outside the core social networking site, or spun out from that experience. Creative Labs is about “unbundling the big blue app,” Zuckerberg tells Manjoo, and that means not only building things Instagram and WhatsApp under their own brands, but also pulling out Messenger as a separate experience, and identifying other parts of Facebook that are grown up enough on their own to be ready to leave the nest.

Part of the drive behind Creative Labs is the realization that people prefer single serve apps on mobile, with greater control over what sends notifications and what doesn’t. Taking Facebook’s core features and spreading them across apps would drive higher engagement across the…

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