Do police have my mental health info? Will it get me barred from the US?

Global News

In the wake of a report castigating police forces for automatically disclosing and sharing suicide attempts – info that gets into the hands of U.S. border guards, among others – many are wondering what bits of their personal info police databases might have, and whether it could prove compromising when crossing the border.

There’s no good reason, Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian argued, for international police forces to know about Canadians’ suicide attempts or threats to kill themselves – unless they pose a danger to others, which few do. And while most Ontario police forces exercise a degree of discretion over whether they upload that data to the Canadian Police Information Centre database, Toronto Police automatically put everything up there, she writes.

READ MORE: Stop automatically disclosing suicide attempts, privacy czar tells cops

Toronto Police dispute that: Spokesperson Mark Pugash said officers do have discretion over everything that goes…

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