Comparison shave: Simpson PJ 2 Best v. Vie-Long Badger+Horsehair

Later On

SOTD 15 Apr 2014

The question arose on the difference between badger plain and badger plus horsehair, so I used a brush of each type. Both performed extremely well, so it comes down to personal preference as to the feel of the brush on your face. The Vie-Long is badger plus horsehair, and I purchased it from some time back. I wet well the knot of this brush before I shower, and then after the shower it’s just right for use. The Simpson I don’t bother soaking.

The difference in feel is that the badger+horsehair feels denser and firmer, the Simpson be softer and with more give. I like them both, but of course I like variety.

The Dapper Dragon Cinnamon Bun lathered well, but I did not get much of a cinnamon hint. Still, it’s a serviceable soap.

My Wilkinson “Sticky” with a Feather blade did a superb job, leaving my face…

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