BLOG: Morning News Rewind – April 15

Global News

On the April 15 Morning News: Steps of Life, Goddess to the Core workshop, avoiding the pitfalls of potholes and protecting against identity theft.

Kevin learns more about the Steps of Life run/walk to support families affected by workplace tragedy

Sunday, May 4 is an important day for a large number of families across the country. Steps for Life is a 5k walk/run for families of workplace tragedy.

We’ve all known someone hurt on the job, and it’s a phenomenal thing that there’s a program in place to assist these persons.

[tp_video id=1271877]

In Healthy Living, Jessica finds out more about the Goddess to the Core workshop

This workshop sounds absolutely inspiring for anyone who needs to clear their mind, and find their peace.

Nicole is bringing in Sierra Bender for Saskatoon’s first Goddess to the Core workshop. Nicole said after attending the two day event in Edmonton, she knew Saskatoon…

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