Apply For Disrupt Startup Alley Now, For The Deadline Is Nigh


Though we do inevitably put a price tag on it, the value of a table in Startup Alley at Disrupt can not be measured.

Or can it?

Turns out, 2013 saw 393 startups coming through our Disrupt Startup Alley, and have since raised a total of $94 million. That comes out to around $239k per company, with the folks appearing in Hardware Alley doing even better than that — 82 companies averaged $445k per company for a total of $36.5 million raised.

Startup Alley, for the Disrupt noobs out there, is our big exhibition hall where some of the best startups in the world get a table and the chance to woo passersby. And the passersby at a Disrupt conference are nothing to sneeze at. The show is packed to the brim with investors, members of the media, influential representatives from large tech companies like Google and Facebook, and…

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