Amazon Cloud Drive Photos For iOS Gets A New Look, Better Navigation & More


Amazon’s Cloud Drive suite of services – file storage and sync, streaming music, and online photos – have always felt like something of an also-ran compared with market leaders like Google, Dropbox, Yahoo, and others. But things are slowly changing. With yesterday’s upgrade of Cloud Drive Photos for iOS, the company has introduced a host of changes making its mobile app now a more competitive offering.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, version 3.0, delivers a fresh, iOS 7-friendly redesign for the mobile storage service, which today includes 5 GB of free storage for all consumers. The service allows users to upload both photos and videos (up to 20 minutes in length) to the Amazon Cloud Drive service, which can also store other file types, including office documents and music, for example.

While the new look is the most immediately noticeable change for the new Cloud Drive Photos, the company also introduced a number of other features…

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