Aereo Shows Off Their Rooftop Antenna Farm Ahead Of Supreme Court Ruling


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A lot has been said about Aereo‘s technology — so much, in fact, that there are hundreds of pages worth of legal documents discussing the matter as it relates to the law.

That said, we thought it would be helpful to take a closer look at how Aereo actually works when it lets customers rent out remote DVR antennas and watch what amounts to live television on any device.

Once Aereo establishes itself in any new market, the team brings in what they call an Antenna Farm, or internally, a Raz-12.

This is essentially a small box, that sits on a platform on a data center roof, and is fully insulated, air-conditioned, and lightning proof. It also has one wall that is made entirely of RF transparent material, meaning that the equipment inside is capable of communicating with signals coming from outside the box.

Inside each Raz-12…

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