Vancouver’s ‘cheapest’ house sells for more than $40,000 above asking price

Global News

VANCOUVER – What was considered Vancouver’s ‘cheapest’ home last week has already been snapped up – for more than $40,000 above the asking price.

The 100-year-old detached house, located at 2622 Clark Dr., was originally listed for $599,000. RE/MAX realtor Mary Cleaver said she checked the house listings for Vancouver on MLS before the home was put up for sale two weeks ago.

“I checked to see what was available and it was the cheapest at the time,” she said. “And the next cheapest was $628,000 so there was quite a big difference.”

The 1,951 sq.ft. two-storey home, with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, sold last Thursday after the owners began to get offers following their first open house weekend.

“The house itself is really nice,” said Cleaver, “and I think that’s why it captured so much attention.”

She said the lot is less than half the size of a standard Vancouver…

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