Trading places: Edmonton elementary student becomes the teacher

Global News

EDMONTON – A young Edmonton student has moved to the front of the class, becoming the teacher at a local elementary school.

Twelve-year-old Tadeo Kondrak isn’t teaching math or science, though, he’s started his own after-school computer coding club.

“We are building websites,” said Kondrak. “It’s really actually pretty easy.”

Perhaps it’s easy for him; the son of a computer science professor, Kondrak taught himself the skill by using resources on the Internet.

“It’s pretty much telling the computer what you want it to do. Or in the case of websites, telling the computer what you want it to display.”

Kondrak, with the help of a computer programmer, teaches his coding class at St. Basil Catholic School once a week. But in order to become the teacher, he had some work to do first.

“Catch up on my assignments,” he said.

Passionate about coding, Kondrak approached the school’s success coach, Tyler Austring, about…

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