To tip or not to tip

Global News

Plans by a U.S. restaurant chain to do away with tipping are igniting discussion throughout the North American service industry.

Many people who serve food in restaurants rely on tips. Now, news that a company with 380 outlets in the U.S. has a “don’t tip your waiter” policy has raised some eyebrows in southern Alberta.

“Tips are really important,” said Sharla Statham, a server at Paradise Canyon in Lethbridge. “In Canada it’s kind of just a given to tip if you think the service went well and to do a little bit extra.”

Brent Hasper, head chef at Paradise Canyon said, “I think they’re really important. I make tips and I really enjoy them. I think they’re a bonus and added feature for anyone working in the restaurant industry.”

The owner of Top Pizza and Spaghetti House in Lethbridge agrees.

Mitch Casson said, “In the States when you have people…

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