Maps, apps to help pedestrians better navigate Edmonton’s downtown core

Global News

EDMONTON – As Edmonton’s downtown core continues to change and diversify, navigating the area can be tricky, particularly for newcomers. But now, the City of Edmonton is launching its Walk Edmonton pilot project, in hopes of sending people off in the right direction.

The city has put up five new signs downtown, depicting maps of the surrounding areas. It’s part of the Edmonton Wayfinding Project, which was the brainchild of Tim Querengesser, who moved to the city from Toronto about a year ago.

“I was walking around one day and got into the pedway,” he said, “and thought ‘Oh wow, this is cool.’ My second thought was ‘Oh wow, I’m lost.'”

So Querengesser thought it would be a great idea to have maps installed in the downtown core, with handy walking-time information for pedestrians.

“It says to the pedestrian ‘Hey, we’ve thought of you and we consider this space…

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