Life-sized dinosaurs to roam Rexall Place as theatrical event returns to Edmonton

Global News

EDMONTON – Some of the largest creatures ever to roam the planet will be back in Edmonton this fall for ‘Walking with Dinosaurs.’

The theatrical event – which includes 20 life-sized dinosaurs – will take viewers back 100 million years, to travel through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

“We even have a flying dinosaur — an ornithosaurus — [which has] a 38-foot wingspan,” explained Matthew Rimmer, a spokesperson for Walking with Dinosaurs.

Monday morning, a baby T-Rex was roaming around City Hall to preview the show. The life-sized dino put on quite the show for a group of school children, and Mayor Don Iveson.

“That was pretty thrilling. They’re something when you get up close to them, actually. My heart jumped out of my chest,” Iveson said.

Watch below: Raw video of the baby T-Rex roaming around City Hall

[tp_video id=1270721]

Walking with Dinosaurs will play at Rexall Place nine times between…

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