City of Abbotsford terminating contract with Abbotsford Heat hockey team

Global News

VANCOUVER – Global News has learned major changes are on the way for the Abbotsford Heat hockey team and its contentious relationship with taxpayers.

Sources tell us the City of Abbotsford has terminated their contract with the Abbotsford Heat, but whether that means there will be a new contract or the team will be moving remains to be seen.

The city has called a press conference for Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.

There are rumours the Calgary Flames farm team will be moving to Glens Falls, New York Civic Centre, but that has yet to be confirmed.

The Abbotsford Heat came to the city for the  2009-10 season, after signing a 10-year contract guaranteeing the team $5.7 million every year.

In the first four years of the 10-year deal, the Heat cost Abbotsford taxpayers $5.24 million. Figures for this season have not yet been released.

How much this new deal will…

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