Canada-Russia relationship’s officially on ice – except in the Arctic

Global News

As Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces further sanctions against Russia, it’s patently clear: Canada’s relations with Russia are on ice.

Except in the Arctic, that is.

Some Russians have been expelled from Canada; travel bans and asset freezes are in place.

But Canada attended a closed-door meeting with Russia and other members of the Arctic Council in Helsinki last week, discussing the future of international collaboration for observation of the Arctic.

Friday marked the end of a four-day series of meetings associated with Arctic Council projects including the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks initiative, a group of international organizations and northern residents coordinating Arctic data.

Environmental scientists, governmental representatives and indigenous Arctic groups were scheduled to be present at the meeting April 10-11.

David J. Scott, executive director of the Canadian Polar Commission, was in attendance.

Sergey Goncharov – the former KGB commander and deputy chair of the Duma’s security committee, who represented the…

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